Health and Safety

GUYOIL Safety Regulations

We pay heed with great care to the environment in which we operate and as such we take health, safety and environmental issues seriously. Each of our facilities is well equipped to handle fires and other risks. Ever so often the staff undergo detailed practical training on how to deal with perilous issues. Our Health and Safety Officer is highly qualified and trained – her job scope encompasses almost all of the company’s activities.

It is a privilege for us to be working closely with the Guyana Fire Service, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards – enabling us to have a well-trained and efficient workforce. Very soon GUYOIL will be the first local company to be ISO 14001-Certified, that is: in the Environment Management Services – EMS Standard. It is imperative that companies manage their environment, especially an oil company; therefore GUYOIL is leading into the right direction.
Safety of our customers is absolutely vital. Our pump attendants are trained to ensure that our customers adhere the safety regulations – including: no smoking, don’t use the cell phone close to the pump, don’t pump fuel in unapproved containers, and turn off engine while fueling up.

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GUYOIL! Security Team

The Guyana Oil Company Limited has assembled a top-notch team of experts to form the Security Staff. This team will solely focus on investigating and resolving security issues. The staff will have a strong public-facing presence at every one of our locations.
The Security Staff ensure that customers receive reliable service without hazard of intrusion or discomfort from the few malicious figures in public at large. In doing so, they also protect our staff, putting a smile on their faces knowing that the surrounding is safe to work. This team also have a strong response force to react against any attempt to cause problems with any staff on duty or attempts to theft, damage, etc to our buildings.